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Vero Beach Dining Guide - Click Location to See Restaurant Detail

  • Amalfi Grille
    The Amalfi Grill of Vero Beach will make you feel like you're dining in Italy
  • Avanzare
    Avanzare Ristorante located in Vero Beach is an upscale northern Italian Tuscan chop house
  • Ay Jalisco
    Ay Jalisco is the only Mexican restaurant in Vero Beach.
  • Baci Trattoria
    Baci Trattoria is the newest restaurant member of the 14th Avenue gallery district in downtown Vero Beach
  • Bangkok Inn Downtown
    The Bangkok Inn Downtown in Vero Beach is rated as the best sushi and Thai restaurant in the area.
  • Barefoot Cafe
    The Barefoot Café located in downtown Vero Beach is open during the week for breakfast and lunch.
  • Beach Bum Bagel Cafe
    The Beach Bum Bagel Café is located in downtown Vero Beach across from Pocahontas Park.
  • Bella Napoli
    The owners of Bella Napoli Ristorante strive to use only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients.  
  • Blessings Bistro
    Blessings Bistro is a casual, homey, cozy bistro that serves breakfast, lunch and, during the season, dinner In Vero Beach
  • Bobbys
    Bobby’s is a popular sports bar & restaurant located on the premises of the Reef Ocean Resort on the barrier island of Vero Beach.
  • Bombay Masala
    Serving both the cuisine of India & Greece, Bombay Masala has two locations
  • Bonnie Lees
    Bonnie Lee’s is a new Vero Beach restaurant located where Stella’s Italian Bistro used to be.
  • Citrus Grill House
    “Life is Short, Eat Good Food” is the motto at the Citrus Grillhouse in Vero Beach. 
  • Cobalt
    Cobalt is a lovely restaurant located in the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa  
  • Dockside Grill
    Vero Beach's beautiful Dockside Grille is perfectly named!
  • Lemon Tree
    The Lemon Tree is another favorite of Vero Beach residents.
  • Maison Martinique
    For a wonderful meal and great service you can’t beat Maison Martinique in the Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel on the Vero Beach Barrier Island.
  • Masion Martinique
  • Mr. Manatees
    Mr. Manatee’s is another local favorite for seafood in Vero Beach.  
  • Melody Inn
    The Melody Inn offers Fine dining with a Swiss flare in Vero Beach Florida  
  • MTs Chophouse
    MT’s Chophouse prides itself on the perfect dining experience in Vero Beach.
  • Ninos Corner
    Nino’s Corner, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Vero Beach, is the second Nino’s in town, the original Nino’s café has been located beachside in Vero Beach for many years.
  • Ninos Cafe
    Nino's Café is the beachside Nino’s and the location that has been here the longest
  • Ocean Grill
    The building that you dine in at the Ocean Grill in Vero beach was built almost 70 years ago by Waldo Sexton  
  • Oriente
    Oriente is located in Gloria Estefan's Costa d'Este Beach Resort On the barrier island of Vero Beach.  
  • Pizzoodles
    Pizzoodle’s is a family owned & operated Italian restaurant in Vero Beach on Royal Palm Pointe.
  • Pomodoro Grill
    The Pomodoro Grill located on the barrier island of Vero Beach strives to offer dishes from all regions of Italy.
  • Quilted Giraffe
    A Vero Beach institution for more than 10 years, the Quilted Giraffe has a victorian era theme with faux foliage that begins twinkling with little white lights as soon as the sun goes down.
  • Red Onion
    Both Red Onion Eatery’s in Vero Beach offer eat in or take out.
  • Riverside Cafe
    If you are looking for a nice riverfront restaurant with a great atmosphere and entertainment Riverside Café in Vero Beach is the place to go.  
  • Scampi Grill
    Scampi Grill offers an array of authentic dishes from different regions of Italy.
  • STAX
    STAX, a new restaurant at the former site of the Undertow Restaurant opened April 2010 to a large number of curious diners and guests.
  • Tangos II
    The original Tangos of Vero Beach closed its doors for good in 2007.
  • The Tides
    The Tides has been defining Treasure Coast cuisine in Vero Beach since 2000.
  • Waldos
    Located at the Driftwood Resort on the Vero Beach barrier island.

◦  Ay Jalisco
◦  El Toro
◦  Amalfi Grille
◦  Avanzare
◦  Baci Trattoria
◦  Bella Napoli
◦  Bonnie Lees
◦  Joeys Bistro
◦  Ninos Corner
◦  Ninos Cafe
◦  Restorante Di Mare
◦  Pizzoodles
◦  Pomodoro Grill
◦  Scampi Grill
Thai Japanese & Indian
◦  Bangkok Inn Downtown
◦  Bombay Masala
◦  Fujiyama Steakhouse
◦  Siam Orchid Thai
◦  The Mandarin
◦  Barefoot Cafe
◦  Beach Bum Bagel Cafe
◦  Blessings Bistro
◦  Bobbys
◦  BrewGrrs
◦  Citrus Grill House
◦  Dockside Grill
◦  14th Ave. Steakhouse
◦  Heatons Reef Bar
◦  MTs Chophouse
◦  Red Onion
◦  Riverside Cafe
◦  Waldos
◦  Cobalt
◦  French Quarter
◦  Lobster Shanty
◦  Lemon Tree
◦  Mr. Manatees
◦  Ocean Grill
◦  Sea Grill
◦  The Tides
◦  Melody Inn
◦  Oriente
◦  Pipa Movida
◦  Quilted Giraffe
◦  Tangos II
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